Creating a Disney Princess Bedroom Theme

Disney Princess is a favourite childhood theme that has touched generations. Parents everywhere will remember Disney VCR’s and movies as they were growing up and are now watching their little girls become fascinated with the same magical world.

Creating a room themed around Disney is simple. There are now more products than ever available for you to purchase, many at great prices and providing fantastic quality.

Setting the tone

You can set your over all theme by starting with wall adornments and textiles. Wall stickers, borders, duvets, rugs, curtains and pillows will all give you a great starting (or even finishing) point. Set your wall stickers and borders against a gentle pink background to really enhance your chosen theme.

Top tip: Add a bit of extra sparkle by buying sheer, opaque sparkling fabrics from a local textiles store and draping them gently around your daughters room.

Top furniture staples:

There are several essentials that all child bedrooms will need, and Disney Princess can provide them, some at a fraction of the cost of a standard manufacturer. Their toddler beds are of a fantastic quality. They feature all the key characters, including Belle and Snow White. The toddler beds start at just 149.99 and will last from 18 months-5 years.

One other bedroom essential you should consider is a wardrobe. A canvas wardrobe costs just 29.99 and will really set the tone for your little girls bedroom. Remember to chuck in some storage space, why not try the fabric toy chest for just 12.99?

Top tip: If you want to create the Disney Princess theme for your little girl but are short on cash, choose just one furniture staple. For example, the fabric chest at just 12.99 will set the theme off alone, as it is vivacious and adorned with characters.

Those nice little furniture extras:

Desks, vanity tables, chairs and even flip out sofas are produced by Disney Princess and at fantastic prices too. Their flip out inflatable sofa costs just 29.99 and is designed to act as a guest sofa bed for your little girls princess friends.

Top tip: When your little princess starts school, the desk and chair combination will encourage her to get learning!

Finishing touches:

Lampshades, night lights, mirrors and clocks are all available from the range. The finishing touches will really compliment the theme and add some extra sparkle.

Top tip: If you want, choose just one finishing touch to set off your theme. The Disney Princess lamp shades will leave your little girls room feeling cosy and complete the look at the same time.

Achieving your desired theme need not be expensive or a hassle. All of the furniture mentioned in this article is carefully crafted, designed to be durable, is attractive and cost effective!

Source by L J Mckeever

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