Costume Ideas – Suggestions and Tips For Fancy Dress

Are you trying to come up with some fancy dress party costume ideas? Maybe you have been invited to a party or maybe you’d like to organize a fancy dress party and want some theme and costume ideas? Here are a few suggestions and ideas to help get started.

A popular suggestion is Disney costumes as there are lots of Disney characters to choose between. There are Disney costumes for kids as well as adults, such as Captain Hook, Buzz Lightyear, Cruella de Ville, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Mr Incredible, and loads more. You name the Disney character and there is probably a costume available.

Another popular, great idea is Super Hero Costumes. This is such a superb theme for both adults and children, as again there are plenty of costumes available, because there are lots of well-known superheroes. To pick a costume for this theme just think about your own favorite Super Hero, the ones you always wanted to be!

For men and boys a Spiderman costume is always a classic choice, but you could also get a Batman costume or a popular Superman costume. Ladies you might want to dress as Wonderwoman, Super Girl or Cat Woman.

Movies are very big influences on trends for costume ideas and due to the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies pirate costumes are really popular. There are costumes available for pirate girls and pirate boys in all kinds of different styles, as well as costumes for individual characters, for example Jack Sparrow. Pirate costumes are also quite simple to make yourself with a little assistance from some accessories, such as a sword or a parrot.

Another preferred costume idea, following the success of current film Twilight, is vampire costumes. Naturally vampire costumes are a popular choice at Halloween but now you can wear one any time. Other favored and inexpensive Halloween costumes include skeleton costumes, devil costumes, and witch costumes.

Witch costumes can also be worn for another theme, also a series of popular movies, and that is a Harry Potter theme. There are loads of fantastic Harry Potter costumes available, including all of the main characters and some more general ones as well. You can get complete Harry costumes, as well as Dumbledore, Voldemort, Hagrid and even Hedwig the Owl costumes!

Some other fabulous costume ideas for ladies include fairy costumes and angel costumes, as you can look sweet and angelic, or naughty and dark. There are some fabulous costumes available to buy as well as accessories, such as wings and wands, if you want to use your imagination to make your own costume.

Medieval costumes are some other popular and relatively easy costumes to come up with ideas for. There is something for everybody, as there are loads of different characters you could be. For men there are knight costumes, princes, warrior kings, executioners, crusaders, and lots more, and for ladies some ideas include princesses, queens and maid costumes.

Some other popular themes are 70’s and 80’s costumes, as these are simple to come up with ideas for and loads of fun, cowboy and cowgirl costumes, gangster costumes, clown costumes and ever-popular Elvis costumes, amongst others. There are literally hundreds of different costumes available but perhaps some of the suggestions mentioned here will help you come up with some novel costume ideas.

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