Celebrating National Compliment Day Using Your #CastCompliments

Celebrating National Compliment Day Using Your #CastCompliments

Every day, our Walt Disney World cast members bring the magic to each interaction to create once-in-a-lifetime memories for you, our guests. We are so proud to see some of those moments recognized by you on social using the hashtag #CastCompliment.

Because this Sunday, January 24, is National Compliment Day, our Walt Disney World Ambassadors went out to share some of these kind and magical compliments you have shared on social. Cast were surprised and delighted by the extra recognition you gave them, and were honored to be part of this video!

We love seeing your inspiring notes via #CastCompliment on social, so please keep sharing your incredible magical moments with our amazing Walt Disney World cast members. You never know when and how they might make magic for them, too!

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