Bob the Tomato’s Identity Crisis (How to Protect Your Children)

Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato have been long time friends and colleagues for many years. Both are stars of numerous children’s DVDs and Saturday morning television. The two work with VeggieTales, a popular children’s series featuring all sorts of wacky characters (in various vegetative states) who teach kids basic morals in VERY humorous ways.

About five years ago, Bob the Tomato came into a major crisis of identity when someone (we don’t know who it was) suggested that Bob did not belong on VeggieTales. After all, Bob is not a vegetable at all. He is a indeed a fruit.

Now, not rising to the status of vegetable is demeaning enough. However, it is yet another thing to be called a fruit. The word in that context carries very negative connotations. All of the characters on the show are wacky, but “fruit” rises to a whole new level.

Bob did his research, and true enough, discovered to his disappointment that his family lines did in fact lead to the fruit phylum. Bob entered a state of depression. About the same time, the VeggieTale’s first feature movie, Jonah and the Whale did not meet box office expectations and lost money. VeggieTales was facing bankruptcy.

Once on top of the vegetable world, now Bob was facing a major crossroad of crisis in his life. Recognizing that his long time friend was in deep trouble, Larry the Cucumber decided to intervene. He had Bob visit noted vegetable psychiatrist Dr. Archibald. This is the same Dr. Archibald Larry had seen earlier on about a certain lip fetish.

Dr. Archibald quickly diagnosed Bob’s identity crisis and recommended a cure. He suggested that Bob get with all of his VeggieTales friends and create a music CD and DVD for children where the characters actually sing and speak to the children BY NAME! This revolutionarily BIG IDEA couldn’t have come at a better time for Bob.

By focusing on helping children with their own identities, Bob soon learned to forget about his own crisis. The new music CDs were such a hit that Bob encouraged others in the cartoon world to follow suit. Before long, PERSONALIZED children’s CDs were available featuring The Wiggles, Elmo and his Sesame Street friends, and Barney the Dinosaur. Even Mickey and Minnie Mouse saw the value of this incredible opportunity and with their friend Goofy, they too produced a personalized children’s CD.

Raising identity awareness in a child is invaluable. It is particularly important for little girls to be secure in their identity and who they are. The Disney Princesses came to the rescue and produced a wonderful personalized CD for little girls, teaching them BY NAME wonderful princess things like, good manners and proper etiquette.

Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber came up with the BIG IDEA. Their music is delightful, and the impact on a child’s identity and mental health is priceless.

Source by Barry Draper

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