Baby Boomers – Passing On The Blessings Of Honor

What can I give my grandchildren that will bless them through their seasons of life?

The question came to mind several days back as I wrote another tomb of remarks to be read after I pass these years. I came across a spiral notebook my mother had filled with thoughts, wonderment and belief. Those words clung to my heart as I planned a trip north to celebrate the great honor of adding a new generation, another member to the next layer of my family.

What can I possibly give them that the world in all its madness can’t take away?

The answer came loud and clear, unexpected from another grandparent whose joyful exuberance was shared with laughter. “Bet Grandma is spoiling that grandson with love! Guess I’ll have to spoil him with toys.”

In his joy filled abundance came the answer I sought as I had winged my way north on the Disney Express – an Alaskan Air special delivery plane – The Princess Deluxe. I can give my grandchildren love.

Honor –

The truth of honor, a reminder that integrity comes with honest, hard work, a dedication to others, to service of mankind. The gentle spirit with which we offer up everything God’s blessings bring us to help those who may be less fortunate than ourselves. I can serve with a heart and spirit of humility, humbly giving everything to honor God.

Principles –

A principled life, the knowledge that your decisions have already been made, because of the principles you live by, not only keep you making the right decisions, but help you to live the most successful and appropriate life possible. By sharing those basic principles of wellness, health, happiness and wholeness before God with my children and grandchildren, I’m setting an example for generations to come.

Moral Values –

A life of moral values, brings goodness and wholesome wellness to your life in ways nothing else can replace. This is a Biblical standard that comes by way of the 10 Commandments of God. Nothing more is needed. Nothing less will do.

Faithfulness –

A faithful life brings honor and blessing from a faithful God whom you serve all the days of your life – faithfully, with reverence and dedication to seek His face in all you do. This kind of life is never wasted.

Hope and Gratitude –

Never give up home and be grateful in ALL things.

Source by Jan Verhoeff

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