Another Disney World Attraction has a major malfunction

Another Disney World Attraction has a major malfunction

navi river journey

Disney World‘s animatronics seem to be having extra problems lately. The Shaman animatronic on Navi River Journey in Disney’s Animal Kingdom wasn’t quite herself recently.

Twitter user @vinbel12 shared a video taken by user @bradenh_12 of the Shaman slumped over yesterday. Take a look:

This isn’t the first time the Shaman animatronic has had issues. In the past, she was replaced by a screen showing a video of her singing. It looks like she might need maintenance again!

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The Shaman isn’t the only animatronic that has had issues at Disney World lately. Donald Duck at the Gran Fiesta Tour in Epcot was missing for weeks and even replaced by a plant at one point. Now, all three of the Three Caballeros animatronics are missing and have been replaced with cardboard cutouts.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the Shaman of Songs.

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