5 Reasons We Know We’re Already Going to Be Obsessed With High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

5 Reasons We Know We’re Already Going to Be Obsessed With High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

As we inch closer and closer to the launch of Disney+, Disney’s new streaming service launching November 12, we become more excited for everything we know will be headed to the service. One of the most talked about original new series that is launching on day one of Disney+ is the highly anticipated, innovative, and re-invented High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. As a huge fan of the original High School Musical movies, you can imagine my level of excitement that we get to head back to East High once again. And while we don’t know too much just yet, we can already tell this new series is going to bop straight to the top of our watch list.

Here are five reasons we already know we’re going to be obsessing over High School Musical: The Musical: The Series:

1. It has a stellar cast.

The cast is filled with some of Disney Channel’s most talented legacies, including Olivia Rodrigo (Bizaardvark), Joshua Bassett (Stuck in the Middle), Dara Renee (Freaky Friday), and Sofia Wylie (Andi Mack). Plus, Modern Family’s Kate Reinders and Frankie Rodriguez, Matt Cornett (Bella and the Bulldogs), Julia Lester (Mom), Larry Saperstein (Fan Girl), and Mark St. Cyr (Doomsday).

2. Seasoned executive producers are steering the ship.

The series is developed by showrunner and executive producer Tim Federle (Ferdinand), and executive producer Oliver Goldstick (Pretty Little Liars). If you’re long-time PLL fans like us, you know that means we’re in for some major drama with this series. Plus, Bill Borden and Barry Rosenbush — who worked on the original High School Musical trilogy — are also returning as executive producers of the show.

3. The series takes place at the real East High.

What team?! Wildcats! The most nostalgic fact about the series is that it takes place years after the original movie aired, at the real-life high school where it all started — East High.

4. The series promises to be filled with laughter, drama, and show-mances.

We can’t say this comes as much of a surprise to anyone, but nonetheless, we can’t wait to see what rivalries flare, what friendships are made, and what show-mances blossom.

5. Get ready for brand-new and reinterpretations of some of your favorite High School Musical songs.

We expect nothing less than bops from this new series. From original songs to acoustic rehearsal-room revamps of hits from the original movie, we can’t wait to sing along with the cast.

Disney+ is available for pre-order in the US. Be among the first to have it and start streaming November 12.

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